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Now you can advertise directly on VRWA's website!

Your logo/ad will be approximately 250px x 150 px on our home page for a whole year!  All visitors to the VRWA website will be able to see the ad and  link directly to your website.

Become a Booster Member and have this benefit included in your membership.


Pay annually
VRWA member - $600/yr

Non-member - $1200/yr

To advertise on the VRWA website, contact Rebecca Batis at email@vrwa.org.



Or, you may advertise through our magazine StreamLine and annual Membership Directory published in print and online forms through Naylor Association Solutions.  Check below to see what benefits you receive from advertising with these publications.


StreamLine quarterly magazine is a trusted resource for association news, industry trends and trusted product and service suppliers serving the Virginia market. Our Membership Directory is a networking and buyers’ guide for our readers who turn to the publication throughout the year. Members recognize the importance of doing business with vendors that support their association.

StreamLine and the annual Membership Directory are distributed to VRWA’s members, as well as potential members, including:
Small municipal and rural water and wastewater systems
Engineering and technical firms
Equipment suppliers
Service companies
Legislative officials and other members of government

Advertising in StreamLine and the Annual Membership Directory…

Special placement within the publication ensures high visibility and relevancy for your advertisement. Your message can be strategically placed for maximum impact. Call your Naylor account executive for a list of available positions.


All advertisers receive a free custom listing in our Index to Advertisers. Your business will be listed under the category of your choice along with the page number of your ad.

All advertisers receive an Advertiser.com listing. Our cross-reference to your Web site increases online traffic and exposure to your business.


For more information, please contact:
Krys Whildin
Project Manager
Phone: (352) 333-3406


Naylor's simple, online advertising solution, makes it easy for you to begin displaying your product or service.

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