Lead & Copper Rule Revisions


VRWA has now partnered with 120Water for more benefits to you!

Lead Copper Rules go into effect end of 2024 and 120Water is here to help you get ready.



Upcoming Classes Presented by 120 Water


Thank you 120Water for presenting a great class at our annual 2022 Conference!

Upcoming training

- May 11 - Best Practices for Inventory Development

- May 17 - How to Fund Your LCRR Compliance

- May 19 - Navigating the New Normal - A Toolkit for Building an Effective LCRR Program

- May 24 - Tackling LCRR Compliance

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LCRR Resource: 120Water Executive Report

The world of water is shifting and evolving. Leaders in the water industry must recognize the impact of this shift and prepare their teams to meet the new challenges. 

To fully understand the changing landscape, the team at 120Water sat down with industry executives across the country to discuss what they think is happening in the market and how to best prepare for the coming regulatory changes in the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR). 

They compiled their insights into their 2021 Executive Report and are sharing the top  recommendations for managing through a changing industry as well as suggestions for preparing your team for LCRR.

Download the report today! 





Is your water facility ready for the new revisions to the Lead & Copper Rule?

Use the Self-Evaluation Tool by 120 Water to see how ready you really are.

  • Identify LCR areas you have already covered
  • Recognize gaps that need additional support
  • Prepare for success with greater insight into LCR revisions

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How much time do you have to prepare?


Use the timeline provided by 120 Water to stay on top of the changes your utility will need to make.

120 Water's Timeline