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Beginning Jan 1, 2020, VRWA will only be distributing CPE certificates via your online account.

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Please note that class certificates may not be immediately available after a class is completed.  Come back in a few days to see if it has been updated.

Management of Water and Wastewater Facilities in the Real World (Emporia)

Management of Water and Wastewater Facilities in the Real World (Emporia)

12/5/2022 City of Emporia

Learn about a variety of aspects of managing water or wastewater facilities. 

5 W/WW Management CPEs

Operation & Safety Aspects: Water and Wastewater Chlorination (Emporia)

Operation & Safety Aspects: Water and Wastewater Chlorination (Emporia)

12/6/2022 City of Emporia

This class will focus operational and safety aspects of chlorination.  


Utility Ethics Training (Webinar)

Utility Ethics Training (Webinar)

12/8/2022 Webinar 9am - 11am

The objective of this workshop is to create awareness of ethical issues and dilemmas and ensure that you always know the ethical course of action to take on the job. 

2 Mgmt / Water / Wastewater CPE's

How to Achieve LCRR Compliance (Webinar)

How to Achieve LCRR Compliance (Webinar)

1/10/2023 10am - noon

Complying with the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) can be one of the most complex and time consuming of the Smart Water Drinking Act rules. The good news is resources and technology are available to ensure your system can confidently and effectively develop a successful LCRR program. 

2 Water CPEs

Managing Job Performance (Webinar)

Managing Job Performance (Webinar)

1/12/2023 Webinar 9am-11am

This class is relevant for team leaders, supervisors, managers and anyone aspiring for a leadership role. 

2 Water / Wastewater / Management CPE's


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